Our S-7E "Eliminator" series is our first competition series compensator. Made from 1" round bar stock, we designed the compensator using our patent pending 7 axial hole design. We kept the diameter of the axial face hole pattern the same while increasing the overall diameter of the compensator which allows for additional excess powder to burned inside the radial holes. We also added groves in between each row of radial holes giving us more surface area for heat dissipation to allow for increased rates of fire. The resulting product of all the changes that we have instituted is a Competitive Compensator that is:

1. Able to handle greater rates of fire,

2. Gives a greater reduction in recoil,

3. Gives less visible excess powder burn,

4. Also gives an increase in accuracy even over our S-7A556 Tactical Compensator.

Our S-7E "Eliminator" will live up to its name and "Eliminate" the Competition.       

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Our S-7E "Eliminator"  is our compensator for AR  platform 5.56/.223 Competition rifles / AR Pistols threaded in 1/2"-28TPI.

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